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This is a Non-Governmental/Non Profitable Organization established by Ghanaians to help the marginalized aged (60+) in all gender groups in Ghana and possibly in Africa.

A Brief History

Bethel Mercy Mission was given to Rev. Esmeralda Kuttin-Nuamah as a vision in 2014 in the United States of America. In the vision, the Lord spoke to her directly giving her the scope and objectives of this ministry as follows;

  1. To assist the poor and marginalized aged cope with the changes and decline in health and social lives that comes with aging by showing them mercy, compassion and providing a holistic care;
  2. To provide medical assistance to the disadvantaged aged
  3. To provide them with legal aid

The vision is supposed to be a network of chapters of small cells in homes, communities which should spread throughout the Nation, possibly to West Africa and eventually Africa as a whole.

The form of this Mercy Mission that was revealed to Rev. Esmeralda Kuttin-Nuamah was to give holistic help (physical, social, religious, medical, and psychological) that the aged would need to give them comforting the old age. It also means helping them with medical care, social activities, counseling, conflict resolution, clothing’s, music and any other need that may arise in our relationship with them.

BMM 2018 Seminar - Making a Will

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To show mercy and love to all gender groups throughout all the metropolitan district assemblies, municipal district assemblies and district assemblies in Ghana and Africa as a whole.


To assist the aged especially, the disadvantaged cope with the decline in health and changes in social lives that come with aging. To help and support the vulnerable in all gender groups.

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