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Bethel Mercy Mission is a non-governmental/non-profitable organization established by Ghanaians to help the marginalized aged (60+) in all gender groups in Ghana and possibly in Africa.

To show mercy and love to all gender groups throughout all the metropolitan district assemblies, municipal district assemblies and district assemblies in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

To assist the aged especially, the disadvantaged cope with the decline in health and changes in social lives that come with aging.
To help and support the vulnerable in all gender groups.

The Organization and its Board Members shall operate and abide by the following core values:

  1. MUTUAL RESPECT, requiring them to recognize the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity;
  2. EQUITY AND JUSTICE, requiring them to work to ensure equal opportunity for everyone, irrespective of race, gender, color, class, ethnicity, disability, location or religion;
  3. HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY, being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of their actions and open in their judgments and communications with others;
  4. SOLIDARITY WITH THE POOR, POWERLESS AND EXCLUDED AGED shall be the only bias in their commitment to the fight for better lives for the poor and marginalized aged;
  5. COURAGE OF CONVICTION, requiring them to be creative and radical, bold and innovative – without fear of failure – in pursuit of making the greatest possible impact on the poor and marginalized aged;
  6. HUMILITY in their presentation and behavior, recognizing that they are part of a wider alliance against the poor and marginalized aged;
  7. COMPASSIONATE in their interactions with the poor and marginalized aged


  1. To assist the poor and marginalized aged cope with the changes and decline in health and social lives that comes with aging by showing them mercy, compassion and providing a holistic care;
  2. To provide medical assistance to the disadvantaged aged
  3. To provide them with legal aid
  4. To help them engage in social activities
  5. To provide them with adult education
  6. To provide any other forms of assistance that may bring comfort to the aged
  7. To build nursing homes
  8. To create awareness in the following: Drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Infections (HIV/AIDS), Environmental sanitation, girl child abuse.
  9. To provide vocational skills, especially the unemployed youth.
  10. Rehabilitation center
  11. To plan and implement policies and programs of the organization.
  12. To coordinate monitor and evaluate our policies and programs.
  13. To acquire real estate and other properties.


  1. Advocate for the improvement of the living conditions of the poor aged in Ghana [Gender Ministry]
  2. Create awareness on Old Age Abuse in the country. [Human Rights Activists]
  3. Support them to cope with the changes and decline in health and social lives that come with aging. [ Health Volunteers]
  4. Medical assistance and health education to aged [ Volunteer Nurses and Facilitator
  5. Provide them with legal-related assistance [ Human Right Activists]
  6. Support in social activities[ Social workers]
  7. Encourage Adult Education[ Adult Education]
  8. Create opportunities for fellowship with the rest of societies[ Entertainments]
  9. Support to build a good relationship with families in communities[ Professional Counseling]
  10. Show compassion to the poor aged through holistic care[ voluntary home care]
  11. Grant opportunities for willing members to hear about the love of Jesus Christ[ Videos and exaltations]

The core mandate of Bethel Mercy Mission is to support the poor Aged in society to receive both Social, Physical and Spiritual nourishment before they are called to glory.

The project is to operate a network of chapters in communities across the regions of the country and beyond. To offer holistic support and advocacy (physical, social, religious, medical and psychological) where it is needed.

BMM has started this project in and around the Alajo communities and is currently serving 350+ aged persons from all religious background and denominations in the Kotobabi, Alajo, Tesano, Abelemkpe and Dworwulu communities in Accra. The first fellowship chapter started at the premises of Restoration Baptist Church in Alajo.  This fellowship comes off every 2nd week [Sunday] of every month.  A new chapter has commenced in Dome, to serve the Dome Kwabenya Constituency. We intend to create the awareness in the capital of Ghana – Accra and then connect to other regions and through the remotes of the country.

Bethel Mercy Mission projects and activities are funded by the sponsorship of organizations, Business Institutions, Individuals, Fundraising programs, Trade and Farming projects.

The form of this Mercy Mission that was revealed to Rev. Esmeralda Kuttin-Nuamah was to give holistic help (physical, social, religious, medical, and psychological) that the aged would need to give them comforting the old age. It also means helping them with medical care, social activities, counseling, conflict resolution, clothing’s, music and any other need that may arise in our relationship with them.

The Lord also showed her how to fund this project through projects such as trading, funds, and support from specific people, funding from farming and also the promise of His protection and help.

This vision took her two years to understand with the core mission that members who are willing and ready will receive salvation before their end of life on this earth.

She shared this mission with some of her co-pastors and some elders of her church in Ghana (Tesano Baptist Church) who embraced this mission, thereby; Bethel Mercy Mission was formed on 9th November 2015 and was registered on 19th December 2016.

The Bethel Mercy Mission started registering the aged around the Alajo community, starting with about 50 people, including Muslims, Christians, and people of all denominations. The mission meets at the Restoration Baptist Church in Alajo, which is also the location of our office and Head Office.